In July 2007, Pastor J.R. Lee began leading visionary meetings for what would become Freedom Church. The families that moved 400 miles to be a part as well as those that met us in Acworth did so with one vision in mind - so people far from God can experience life in Christ. Since our very first Worship Experience on January 27, 2008 that vision has never wavered.
Since that time, Freedom Church has experienced what can only be described as a supernatural move of God. We have learned to expect the unexpected and trust God as He has changed lives, restored marriages, put families back together, and extended grace and forgiveness to all who believe.
We have come a long way in a very short time but we are never finished and the best is ahead.
Pastor J.R. Lee is the founder and lead pastor of Freedom Church.
With a relentless vision to see people experience life in Christ, Pastor J.R. has an overwhelming desire to see lives changed in this community and around the world.
He graduated from Liberty University and resides in Acworth with his wife, Devin. They have three children, Lexi, London, and Bryce.
Freedom Worship embodies the vision of Freedom Church through music. It’s our desire to see people experience life in Christ and our Worship Experiences are a reflection of that vision. The music is energetic, celebrating what God is doing in and through our lives at Freedom. Many of the songs you will hear were birthed right out of this house, being written specifically from the heart of our church. Through our Worship Experiences and every song we sing, Freedom Worship strives to creates music that elevates the name of Jesus, with excellence and energy!
Freedom Kids, the family ministry of Freedom Church, exists so that people far from God can experience life in Christ. Freedom Kids offers safe interactive environments to lead your children as they play, learn, and worship. We divide Freedom Kids into age groups to help each child experience Jesus on their level, and we serve kids from 6 weeks old to 5th Grade. Freedom Kids is available at every Worship Experience to provide a distraction-free environment for parents.
Change main text to - We do not have a student ministry, we are creating a student movement! Students who call Freedom Church home are involved in everything we do. They partner, they give of their resources, and they passionately invite their friends and family to our Sunday Worship Experiences. Our students are on the front lines leading in our church and we wouldn't have it any other way!