At Freedom Church, our Volunteer Teams are organized into 4 primary areas:


Want to be part of creating a lasting first impression for the guests of Freedom Church? The Guest Services Volunteer Team provides opportunities to accomplish just that in multiple ways, whether through one-on-one conversations right out front or even in roles behind-the-scenes.


Passionate about seeing children and their families experience life in Christ? The Freedom Kids Volunteer Team has opportunities from investing in kids to interacting directly with parents. No matter what gifts or abilities you have, you can use them to impact children’s lives.


The wave always starts in the student section. As a volunteer for Freedom Students you are making an investment that will change a generation. You have the opportunity to invest week to week through leading a student group or invest each month at our Student Takeover experiences. Regardless of your giftedness, you can play a part in seeing students far from God experience life in Christ.


Eager to contribute in making our exciting Worship Experiences come to life? The Production Volunteer Team offers both technical and non-technical opportunities, where you can be a part of creating these Worship Experiences through volunteering in Audio, Video, or Lighting.


Support consist of our Set-Up / Tear-Down Teams, our Road Sign Distribution Team, and our Office Volunteer Team. Regardless of whether you like using your administrative skills in the office Mon-Thurs, loading trucks, or putting out signs on the weekend, there’s a place for you!