Facebook Watch Party

Creating your Facebook Watch Party
1. Find the Live Worship Experience

Find the live worship experience video (Sunday at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am) on Freedom Church’s Facebook page.

2. Start the Party, and Add a Description

Next, click the Start button. Add a description to your post such as, “Join me for church today!” then click the Start button again.

3. Invite Others

Once you’ve begun your Watch Party, you can invite others to watch with you!

4. Say Hello

Greet people by name as they arrive to your Watch Party.

5. Offer to Pray

At the end of the worship experience, offer to pray for those who joined you by asking, “How can I be in prayer for you or your family this week?” If they comment with a request, pray for them in the comments, or in Facebook Messenger, if that is more appropriate.

Website Alternative

If Facebook is not an option or stops working, join us at live.freedomchurch.tv and invite others!